Throughout human history people have gathered into groups to make things. This is one of the most basic of human interactions involving sharing and learning skills while becoming involved with like minded people.

Here at St. Columba’s we have such a group which meets each Friday to knit, sew, crochet, and they may even appliqué, quilt, do patch work or whatever takes their fancy. They share their skills, have a chat and a cuppa – some members will bring a plate to share each week – and in the end they have developed into one of the strongest support groups in our parish.

All of this activity is not in vain undertaken merely to pass time. The thing that brings this group together is a desire to assist disadvantaged youth, as virtually everything they make is sent for sale by Youth Off The Streets and all proceeds help Fr. Chris Riley in his works.The group also supports Vinnies and contributes some funds for helping with church upkeep and the like. There is a $50 annual membership fee. Some craft materials are supplied and some members like to bring their own to increase the profitability of their actrivities.The group meets in the Parish Hall after 9.15am Mass on Fridays and looks forward to welcoming new members whenever they turn up. Because this is a group focussed as much on their output as on the social interaction it is not a place where children would fit in on a regular basis – they would just be too much of a distraction to the ladies.

If you have some craft skills or if you have none at all but would like to learn some and contribute to good works, why not join them occasionally and put your hands to work to help the disadvantaged?

All welcome.