Parish Council – Mission, Vision & Purpose of Parish Sub-Committees Statements

Vision statement

To witness to the Gospel, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to the eternal love of Christ; by building and sustaining an open, welcoming and friendly community in which people grow in their relationships with God, each other and the wider community.

Mission statement

The mission of St Columba’s Parish Pastoral Council is to:

  • welcome and embrace new parishioners;
  • support and direct the work of the Parish Priest, Pastoral Associate, and parish groups;
  • support and encourage the people of St Columba’s parish;
  • provide vision and direction to the people of St Columba’s parish;
  • collaborate with the parish school;
  • give members of our parish community a voice; and
  • empower people to lead and make positive contributions to our parish and the wider community.

 To achieve this, we:

  • see;
  • judge;
  • act; and
  • review.

We, as a group, are fundamentally committed to:

  • prayer and reflection;
  • our shared Catholic faith;
  • bringing Christ’s love and grace to Leichhardt and the broader community;
  • acting co-operatively as a group based on participation and consensus, not factions or parties; and
  • facilitating the spiritual growth of all under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Purpose of Parish Sub-Committees Statement

St Columba’s has three committees whose aims are to develop and enliven the spiritual and social life of the parish. The membership of each committee consists of members of the parish with at least one member also being a member of the Parish Pastoral Council.

Spiritual Journey Committee


The purpose of the Spiritual Journey Committee is to support and guide the spiritual/liturgical life of the Parish and Community providing reflection opportunities and offering pastoral support.


The aim of the Spiritual Journey Committee is to enhance the spiritual wellbeing of Parishioners by making the sacraments meaningful.

How is this achieved?

In cooperation with other parish committees, the Spiritual Journey Committee fulfils this aim through facilitating:

1. Liturgical Celebrations

  • Preparing for weekend Masses (music, distribution of communion, offertory procession, organisation of rosters for readers and welcomers, and decoration of altar).
  • Planning and preparing for celebration of special liturgical events such as Advent, Easter, Pentecost, Saints’ Feast Days, sacrament of anointing etc.

2. Spiritual Enrichment

  • Promoting targeted prayer programs (e.g., Lent, Christmas)
  • Taking Eucharist to the sick or elderly of the parish
  • Publishing/promoting links to virtual retreats, meditations and prayers
  • Advising on diocese and community events and activities to enhance spiritual growth and wellbeing.
  • 3. Aiding Pastoral Activities
  • Supporting Reconciliation,  First Communion and Confirmation programs and celebrations as requested
  • Supporting candidates for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults in the parish
  • Offering support and formation for parents bringing children for Baptism.

Engagement/Communication Committee


The purpose of the Engagement/Communication Committee is to engage with and inform the Parish and Community using various communication channels.


The aim of the Engagement/Communication Committee is two-fold:

  1. To promote and facilitate ENGAGEMENT within the parish through:
  2. Helping to develop and provide safe, welcoming and inclusive events and programs
  3. Fostering a sense of community within the parish.
  4. To facilitate COMMUNICATION within the parish through:
  5. Informing, promoting and providing resources and information to support parishioners in their daily lives, both on practical and faith-based levels.
  6. Being the voice of the parish community in the wider community.

How is this achieved?

The committee fulfils these purposes through:

  • Listening and being aware of the needs and interests of the parish community, and in response, providing opportunities for the parish members to socialise together. Examples of such events are the monthly “cuppa”, BBQs, parish dinner, and so on.
  • Use of messages, articles, podcasts, and so on, on the parish website and in parish social media outlets, and through the weekly Mass Bulletin. It strives to keep this information as current as possible.

Social Justice/Outreach


The purpose of the Social Justice/Outreach Committee is to identify, support and guide activities that are relevant to the Parish and Community in relation to relevant social justice issues.


The aim of the Social Justice/Outreach Committee is to educate, promote and support awareness of social justice issues and encourage affirmative action.

How is this achieved?

The committee fulfils these aims by:

  1. Educating/raising awareness of social justice issues using:
  2. Weekly column in Mass Bulletin
  3. Speakers at Mass
  4. Parish website
  5. Parish social media.
  • Organising/leading parish action and involvement in social justice issues, including areas such as:
  • Refugees/people seeking asylum
  • Aboriginal and First Nations
  • Environment/Caring for Creation
  • Consulting with other parish committees and groups, staff of St Columba’s Primary School, and outside organisations, as needed, to:
  • Organise parish events related to social justice issues
  • Communicate and raise awareness of social justice issues/events
  • Organise liturgies to highlight particular social justice issues/events.
  • Encourage parishioners response to situations of injustice.