Wow!  What an enthusiastic response we have already had to our presentation about our parish CARE Program!

We are indeed a parish of caring people who are not shy to offer our friends a helping hand when they need it.  This happens all the time in ways that the whole community isn’t aware of, and our CARE Program brings all of these caring gestures together and invites us all to be involved.

This flyer explaining the types of things you could do to help and be part of our CAREing response is at the back of the church, along with the register for you to leave your details if you would like to be involved.

If you are in need of a helping hand, or know of someone who is, you can pop these confidential details in the other booklet which is kept in the working sacristy.  Please be mindful of people’s privacy when you do this, just as the people providing the CARE will be.

We will speak again at the 10.00am mass on Sunday 28 May, and be around for morning tea afterwards to talk more about how we grow this idea.

Our Reaching Out To Others group in our parish will coordinate this program.  Don’t hesitate to speak with Fr Peter, Therese, Jules, Elizabeth, Belinda or Sue with your ideas.

For more information, please be in contact with Therese Briggs  or Susan Draysey

In their footsteps

A walk through our local neighbourhood

Save the date – Wednesday 21 June – for a walk and talk around our neighbourhood, led by Patrick Callaghan.  You are welcome to join school parents for this gentle stroll, leaving school at 9.00am.

For more information, please be in contact with  Susan Draysey.