Those who assist

People living locally helping to "give a hand up"

After someone in need has been in contact with our Regional Office they are often referred to our local Conference.  We, the conference members, are the people who will go out and visit the needy and try to give some help.  We start off by having a chat – many people find the opportunity to have a chat is a tonic in itself.  Our prime concern is to try to see just what sort of assistance that we can offer to try to meet the individual need.  Most often we provide some food and some gift cards for local supermarkets.  Often there will be furniture needs or sometimes we can suggest the use of financial and emotional counselling services offered by the professional staff in our regional office.

Conference members are volunteers without professional training.  What we offer is our time, our listening and the physical resources available to us through the Vinnies organisation.

Being a Vinnies volunteer in North Leichhardt is not an onerous undertaking.  It involves attending an evening meeting once a fortnight for 60-90 minutes and then being "on call" once every several weeks to respond to those in need.  The average time dedicated to Vinnies work during an on-call week would be no more than two to three hours.  A small price to pay for the benefits provided to the needy.

If you think you would like to know more about joining the local Vinnies Conference, just click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email, letting us know your name and contact details and someone will get in touch with you.