Those in need

People locally in need of "a hand up".

Living amongst the generally relatively affluent inhabitants of our suburbs there is an often unnoticed group of people who, for one reason or another, are not at the moment managing to cope with what life has served them.  A good number of these people, or their loved ones, have been struck by a physical or mental ailment that can at times cause them to be overwhelmed by any number of things.  Others are attempting escape from abusive or unhealthy relationships and may find themselves cast adrift with very little property or support.  The number of reasons people need Vinnies is as many as the people themselves.  Some people use our services often, others perhaps just once or a few times – we are always there when needed.

The type of assistance available through Vinnies is extensive.  For more information on what is offered, check this site!nsw .

Whatever the source of your problems, if you are in need you can call on Vinnies for assistance.  Your first step towards assistance is to make a phone call to the Regional Offfice at 683 Darling Street, Rozelle NSW 2039.  You can ring for an appointment to see one of our counsellors on 9818 4365