St Columba's Catholic Parish Leichhardt North

Social Justice Committee

 St Columba's Social Justice

We formed in early 2018 though we recognise the St Columba's Community for the significant work associated with social justice that has gone before us. Groups such as "Reaching out to Others" are an example of that commitment within our community.

Our theme for 2018 is "Social Inclusion"; a theme that's relevant to both our local community and to broader nationwide and worldwide issues.

What do we do?

We inform firstly ourselves and then the wider community as to what are the issues that should concern us in today's world.

We reflect and allow those issues to touch our hearts and listen, in prayerful reflection as to what Jesus would say.

We act because often it is not enough to be passive in the face of injustice and so we choose to act and try to make a difference.

We are guided by "Laudato Si" of Pope Francis and "Towards a Social Justice Group" from the Justice and Peace Office of the Catholic Archdiocese Link Here

What have we done so far in the Parish under the banner of Social Justice?

* Hosted the Soulfood dinner in collaboration with Parliament on King Newtown
* Organised a night of entertainment in the name of PEACE
* Instigated a CARE program to help those in our own community
* Participated in an Outreach Course in partnership with Rozelle Refugee Welcome Centre
* Support the Rozelle Refugee Welcome Centre
* One of the strategic parishes in the "Caring for creation through Solar" program
* Regularly welcome parishioners from David's Place Inner City to celebrate mass and share a meal
* Supported UNHCR through "Rocky Road for Refugees" fundraising
* Shared information about fair trading, charitable works, and home help.
* Supported the Eden School in memory of Andrew Chan

What are our plans?
* Education in local schools and communities to change the conversation around refugees
* Opportunities to hear Stories about people seeking asylum and refugees, situations in their countries, settlement experiences, how communities can help and contributions refugees make to Australian society
* Helpful news and links in the bulletin and Parish website including fairtrade sites, how to be more "green"
*and lots more

We meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 6pm. Our meetings are held in the Parish meeting room where we bring and share a meal.

If you'd like to join us and or share some ideas please feel free to contact Therese Briggs This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Minutes of Meetings