1848 Leichhardt area part of the parish of St Augustine's Balmain

Father John Joseph Therry purchased 12 acres of land in Elswick Street, to bethe Balmain Catholic Cemetery.

1864 Father Therry died and was buried at Elswick Street
1869 Catholic Cemetery opened, Mortuary Chapel built.
1870–1875 School conducted in Mortuary Chapel by a lay teacher.
1887 Elswick Street becomes part of the new parish of St. Fiacre's Leichhardt.
1888 Chapel enlarged.
1896 The present Church was built as a Church/School.
1897 Two Sisters of St. Joseph open St. Columba's School.
1898 Cardinal Moran blesses and opens new Church/School.
1918 St. Columba's School enrolled 182 children in two classes.
1926 Infants block built.
1933 Balmain Catholic Cemetery closed.
St. Columba's becomes the parish church of North Leichhardt.
Father Geer appointed first parish priest.
1936 St. Joseph's Infants School enlarged.
1939 Presbytery built and blessed by Archbishop Gilroy on 22nd October.
1940 Father Geer dies, Father C. Murphy becomes parish priest.
School enrolments now increases to 477 students. St.
Joseph's Infants = 147 and
St. Columba's = 330
1952 Father Lynch becomes parish priest.

Present administration building opened at St. Columba's. The church is no longeris used as a school.

1955 Father Meredith becomes parish priest.
1956 St. Joseph's Convent opened.
1965 St. Columba's secondary classes (girls only) move to local secondary school.
1968 Church sanctuary altered to conform with new liturgy.  School enrolments 432.
1969 St. Joseph's Infants School transferred to St. Columba's
1971 Downstairs of present infants block completed.
1978 Top storey added to infant block. School enrolments 386.
1983 Golden Jubilee of parish.
1988 Father Butler becomes parish priest on Father Meredith's retirement.
1993 Parish Diamond Jubilee. School enrolments 202.